Compression Sleeves (Ferrules)

Compression sleeves (sometimes called ferrules) are used for making eye splices in wire rope. They are economical and can hold approximately 100% of the cable's breaking strength, depending on the cable size and type used. Sanlo offers compression sleeves in zinc plated copper and  aluminum.


Stops are available in zinc plated copper. Stops are used to provide a stop plug at the end of a cable.


Sanlo offers thimbles to protect cable from wear and it helps in distributing the load over a wider area, increasing cable life. Thimble are available from Sanlo in AN-100 aircraft type  and standard types to fit wire rope and cable.

Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are used to make thimble loops in wire rope and cable. They are available in malleable iron.

Cable Cutters and Crimp Tools

Cutting and crimp tools are offered that make cutting wire rope and installing crimped fittings fast, economical and easy. Our precision made tools are designed to work with our cable and fittings.


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Aluminum Compression Sleeves


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Malleable Rope Clip


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Zinc Plated Copper Stop


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Crimping Tool


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Cable Cutters